LX047 Leveraging Generative AI in Learning and Development


Always consider: How can we us the technology to make the learning better, not just make content faster.

In this episode of the LernXP Podcast, Marlo Kengen from the HAN University and I delve into the transformative impact of Generative AI on Learning and Development (L&D). We explore how this cutting-edge technology can enhance learning experiences rather than just expedite content creation.

Generative AI offers functionalities previously unimaginable, and we discuss its practical applications in L&D. From designing innovative training programs to providing personalized coaching, measuring impact, offering performance support, and gathering feedback, the potential is vast. We also touch on translating learning materials into multiple languages to improve accessibility and analyzing quantitative learner data to refine our learning strategies. However, it’s not all rosy; we also address the risks and downsides associated with using Generative AI in L&D.

Despite its growing adoption, there’s a wide spectrum of engagementÔÇöfrom those just beginning to explore tools like ChatGPT to those who have integrated AI into the majority of their work processes. The ones who didn’t start exploring the technology get some hints how to best start.

Listen now if you’re eager to deepen your understanding of Generative AI’s role in modern learning environments!

Feel free to share your thoughts or questions after listening. I’d love to hear how you’re integrating Generative AI into your own L&D practices!

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I want AI to do my laundry and dishes, so that I can do art and writing. Not for AI to do my art and writing, so that I can do my laundry and dishes.


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